Kurtbastian FIC Updated - ‘No Tears in Paradise’ by KurtbastianAlways


Kurt decides to take his honeymoon alone after leaving Blaine at the altar. It’s amazing the people that you meet in paradise!

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Kurtbastian Fic - ‘What Should I Do?’


Okay, so here’s the fifth and final part of this ‘What…?’ series, and I hope you guys like it. Things come to a breaking point between Kurt and Blaine, and Kurt has a very important decision to make that could affect the rest of his life… (Warning for mention of Klaine and Blaine, Glee Spoilers and speculation of further episodes)

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What Would It Take?

What Wouldn’t I Do?

What Should I Say?

What Do I Want?

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Wait for Something More (A Kurtbastian Fic)


Fic: Wait for Something More
Ship: Kurtbastian
Rated: PG
Words: 5554
Beta: Thanks as always to loveinisolation

Summary: When one of the stars of Rachel and Santana’s favorite TV show walks in to the Spotlight Diner, they are completely star struck. Kurt definitely isn’t.

Notes: Basically this is an AU where Kurt and Blaine aren’t together, Sebastian and Kurt never met in high school, and Sebastian is famous. And everything else is the same. (And the summary is bad.) Thanks to Marauder-in-Warblerland for the prompt!


Wait For Something More

Kurt was re-stuffing napkin holders during the late shift at the Spotlight Diner when Rachel grabbed his wrist tightly enough to bruise and said, “Oh my god, Kurt! It’s Sebastian Smythe!”

Sure enough, the hostess was currently seating the man in question in Kurt’s section. Kurt’s reaction to Sebastian Smythe’s appearance was decidedly different than Rachel’s. For one thing, Kurt didn’t actually watch Multiple Choice, the high school-based fantasy TV show in which Sebastian starred. When he’d first met Sebastian two months ago, Kurt hadn’t even recognized him. And that was the other reason that Kurt’s reaction was different than Rachel’s: he knew why Sebastian was there.

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beardydarren prompted: Kurt moving in with Sebastian in New York (like this gifset)

"Not a word," Kurt hisses, dragging his luggage through Sebastian’s apartment, turning to Sebastian only to glare at the smug grin on his face.

Kurt hears the door close behind him and he isn’t surprised to find Sebastian leaning arrogantly against it, arms crossed over his face with an expected look on his face. Kurt sighs and mumbles a reluctant ‘thank you’, though he is much more grateful than that.

"You’re welcomed to stay for however long you need," Sebastian says, mischievous eyes practically mocking Kurt.

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Don’t Trust Cupid’s Arrow


Summary: Kurt Hummel is Tony-winning Broadway star. Everything seems pretty great… except for the fact that his love life is in shambles. After breaking up with his long-term boyfriend, Kurt creates an OK Cupid account. There, he meets Sebastian Smythe, a struggling playwright and NYU grad student. For day seven of Kurtbastian Week.

Warnings: brief mentions to previous Klaine relationship, Kelliott friendship, AU

Word Count: ~8,400 

Author’s Note: Well, it’s Sunday in Oxford. Beta’d by this lovely person.

It took Santana and Rachel nagging at him for him to finally create the account. Blaine had broken up with him three months ago, and according to them, it was officially time to stop mourning the failed relationship and start fresh. Kurt wasn’t particularly fond of online dating, but he was willing to try anything once.

Creating his account had been a pain. Santana stood over one shoulder and Rachel stood over the other. There was little the two of them could agree on, and out of what they could agree on, and when they did agree, Kurt was pretty sure he wanted none of it. While Rachel wasn’t modest, she certainly wanted nothing too sexual on there; Santana, on the other hand disagreed. “If you don’t show these guys that you’re a little risky, no one’s going to want to date you.”

“You’re always so kind, Santana,” Kurt said.

“I’m just telling the truth.”

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Kid!Kurtbastian series (how they meet) (how they become friends)

Kurt and Sebastian have their first sleepover and something unexpected occurs. 

There is a tiny time jump but it was necessary in order for this to happen like it did. You’ll see!

Word Count: 3,882

Kurt sat in the backseat of his dad’s rusted old Chevy truck and twitched nervously in his seat. Tonight was the night. After over two months of planning and rescheduling, he was sleeping over at Sebastian’s house for the first time. Sebastian had been to Kurt’s house plenty of times and vice-versa in the two years since they had first met on the playground and become friends, but Kurt hadn’t been to Sebastian’s house since they moved at the end of the summer and he had never spent the night.

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Kurtbastian One-Shot from a Prompt - “The Snake Charmer”


Here is a one-shot I wrote from the prompt “snake charmer”. It’s a love story with a twist. I hope you enjoy it.

1,734 words

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Don’t need you to save me…

Painting for edyferrone :) Thank you for being so nice to me :) I hope you like it:) 

I’m kinda tired and I’ve a totally forgotten to do painting for actual paid work… ehm…well, anyway. might work on this one more later! 

ehm…did I swear on my future children that I won’t be drawing fanart? oh, well…I guess no babies for me. 

I hope I won’t go to DCcomics hell for this. 

Kurtbastian One-shot - “A Second ‘First Kiss’ for Kurt Hummel”


This is a one-shot based of off a Klaine one-shot I read on tumblr (which I can’t seem to find again…sorry). THAT one-shot was based off the project about twenty strangers sharing a first kiss.

The Klaine one-shot is very sweet and love-at-first-sight, so I thought I would do the same thing for Kurt and Sebastian, but with a slightly different outcome. (P. S. I realize that technically it might be considered Kurt’s THIRD first kiss, but I would like to think of it as the second one that he actually liked…)

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Kurt and Sebastian, after Sebastians college friends hit on/bullied Kurt while he worked at the spotlight diner?? :)


I’m sorry this prompt took so long to finish, but I hope you guys like it :) (P. S. I based some of my finer details on the diner that the Spotlight diner is based off of, Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Their singing wait staff are called Stardusters, so I called mine Spotlighters. The menu items I took from there, too.)

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